These Are The Best Freelance Websites to Find Purposeful Work

We often talk about the importance of finding meaning in your work as a freelancer. One of the best ways to do this is to seek out jobs and projects that match up with your values, and which allow you to make a difference to meaningful causes that matter to you.

The first freelance job websites that come to mind might be Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, but look a little further, and you’ll find there are many more niched and specialised platforms out there. Some cater specifically to work with a mission at its heart.

So, if you are looking for freelance jobs that match up with your values, here are some of the best freelance websites on the internet.

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Best Freelance Websites to Find Purposeful Work:

1. Escape the City – Find Work That Matters 

Since 2010, Escape the City has been on a mission to help people find purposeful work that matters to the world. Currently, they have 450.000+ professionals who believe in purposeful work. 

On the site companies can showcase their organisation and post roles they are looking for help with. 

Job hunters can find mission-driven work and manage their applications, from full-time jobs to freelance work. All you need to do is create an account. In addition, this UK-based job website offers programs, courses, and insightful resources to help talented people transition their careers or build impact-driven businesses. 

Escape the City is a great job website to connect ambitious professionals and organisations with a purpose. 

2. For Purpose Jobs

Founded in 2020, For Purpose Jobs is a jobs platform which focuses on solving climate change and social injustice.

Mission-driven freelancers can find jobs in organisations which aim to make things better for people and the planet: from carbon capture and offsetting to circular economy and social impact. 

Professionals can tailor the search, set up email alerts, and save jobs to apply for them later. Even if most of the job positions are full-time, some good freelance opportunities are listed, where you can work with companies to make a positive impact in a more flexible way.

Any company can list their jobs on this website. However, before uploading they need to answer some questions to ensure their values are aligned.

For this reason, For Purpose Jobs is among the best places to find work that matters to you. 

Finding work on freelance websites that promote purposeful organisations

3. Design Gigs for Good – Design to Create Positive Social Change

In 2017, Mollie Ruskin and Sarah Fathallah joined forces to build the jobs board Design Gigs for Good, after they noticed designers were showing increased interest in social impact work.

Organisations can list their jobs for free, while freelancers can find design positions and opportunities worldwide.

You can find jobs ranging from full-time positions to freelance projects, and also use the site to connect with other members of the community. 

4. Good Gigs – Find a Job to Change The World

Good Gigs is a jobs portal connecting passionate creatives with mission-driven companies – all aiming to change the world for the better. 

Freelancers and remote professionals can apply to social impact jobs in creative areas, from design through to product and much more. 

5. Climate Base – Make Climate Your Career

Climate Base is a US-based job platform for climate action. They specialise in helping anyone discover jobs, people, organisations, and events. They focus on work that is geared towards solving the climate crisis. 

This company’s directory aims to create a planet-positive world by mobilising humanity to solve the climate crisis, joining forces with Project Drawdown.

Climate Base offers tools to help companies attract mission-driven talent and contact people listed on their professional directory.

This platform attracts professionals and organisations who share the same mission.

6. Work For Impact – Building a Better World, One Job at a Time 

Work for Impact is a freelance platform which connects purpose-driven organisations with great talent. Work for Impact donates 6% of its revenue to selected charities.

With an in-house run Pathways program, WFI strives to help communities worldwide take on sustainable employment challenges by leveraging the power of technology and impact-driven people. The Pathways participants receive Google IT support training, mentorship, and job readiness to start a career based on their freshly learned skills. For every ten new contracts, WFI onboards one Pathways student.

Work for Impact offers a system to connect freelancers with purpose-driven organisations. Freelancers can create an account, set up a profile, list their services and prices, and make proposals to open positions aligned with their values. 

The site aims to bring life to meaningful projects that will positively impact the world. 

Connecting Professionals and Companies With a Purpose  

Ultimately, great work and positive impact are delivered when passionate professionals and purpose-driven organisations join forces. 

By focusing on the right freelance websites, freelancers can tailor their searches to the areas they are passionate about and find work in purpose-driven companies so they can make real change.

These are some of the best job platforms, which connect companies with amazing talent who share common purposes and values. 

Do you know other job platforms focused on social impact and sustainability? Let us know and help us to grow this list even more.

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This article is written together with Ramiro Santiago from Work for Impact.


Photo credit: Marckus Spiske and Noah Buscher