Create a Portfolio That Wins Clients (Live Workshop)

Show your work – stand out from the crowd – win more clients. Build a portfolio you love with this action-orientated live workshop.

Take Control of Your Portfolio and Make It Work For You, Not Against You 

You could be the most skilled freelancer on the market – but if you don’t know how to present your work to potential clients, you won’t get hired.

Do you:

– Struggle with your portfolio

– Feel uncomfortable when you need to share your portfolio with others

– Keep sending your portfolio to prospects and not getting any answer

– Feel insecure because you don’t have enough client work

– Stare at a blank page when you need to write the about section

-Keep putting your portfolio to the bottom of your to-do list?

– Struggle to differentiate yourself from others

If you’ve been nodding along to these, then this workshop is for you!

In this live workshop, I will show you my framework for presenting freelance work, showcasing your skills, and increasing the chances of getting hired.

By the end of this workshop, you’re going to know how to put together a strong portfolio, even if you don’t have a lot of client work.

I’ll also teach you how to introduce yourself as a professional so your clients can easily see why they should hire you over the competition.

Whip your portfolio into shape:


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Get more projects, impress more clients  

This workshop will give you real accountability and motivation to actually do the work you need to take your freelancing to the next level.

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Taught by Alistair Webster

I launched Freelance Success last year to help more people find the courage and confidence to take that leap, and live their freelance dreams. I truly believe it has never been a better time in history to go freelance – and I want to show you how!

I’ve been freelance for over ten years, and during that time I’ve
learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful, and
what mistakes you should avoid as a new freelancer. I’m passionate about sharing everything I’ve learned along the way, and sharing the exact steps that I follow to launch new businesses, build multiple income streams, and work from anywhere!

100% Risk Free

I know you’ll love the Perfect Portfolio Workshop, and it’s going to help you win more business and clients. 

If you’re not happy though don’t worry, it comes with a full money back guarantee for 30 days.

Perfect Portfolio Workshop Pricing Plans:

3 - Month Plan

£ 59

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