Experienced Freelancers Share Their No. 1 Piece of Advice

Sometimes a single piece of advice can change everything, make an idea click into place, or give you the motivation and courage you need to press on.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve featured some amazing freelancers in our community newsletter. As part of the feature, we ask them to share the one piece of advice that they would give to new freelancers, who are just starting out.

The answers are always so valuable and useful, that we had to combine them and share them here as well – so here they are for you to enjoy!


Don’t let set-backs discourage you

Always reach outside your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens and is most rewarding. Don’t let set-backs discourage you. As long as you keep up your dedication, you will be rewarded by results. Schedule! Schedule every single task each day and follow your to-do list. That will keep you focused and sane. And finally, try not to compare yourself with others but only with your old self, to appreciate every step forward rather than let other’s journeys discourage you.

Annalisa Bruno, Freelance Photograper

Focus on processes as much as possible as early as possible

Focus on processes as much as possible as early as possible. Be aware of, and if possible record all the steps you take for each project. In a short time you’ll be able to see what can be removed or avoided, automated, canned, scripted or outsourced. This will lay a super solid foundation for your business and potentially give you some free time.

Juan Carlzon, Graphic Designer

Your uniqueness is what will make you stand out

Stop comparing yourself to others and especially people that have been freelancing for much longer than you. It’s tempting to try and recreate what others are doing but your uniqueness is what will make you stand out and help you succeed.

Nikki Trailor, Copywriter

Find your passion

Find your passion, have a vision and then hard work is the most important part.

Ivana Stefanova, Creative Designer and Artist

Learn how to sell yourself

Start by learning how to sell yourself, networking is a great way to learn and know what’s new and of opportunities.

Jules Esquives, Product Designer

Collaborate with other freelancers

Find other freelancers you can collaborate and skill swap with to help each other out.

Crystal Turner, Graphic Designer

Pitch, pitch, pitch!

Pitch, pitch, pitch. Even if you think your ideas are rubbish, come up with five every week and send them to editors cold, then follow up on them until you get a response. Perseverance is as valuable as talent.

Sam Davies, Freelance Journalist and Copywriter

Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t compare yourself to others online, it’s exhausting and deflating. Realise that you have something unique to offer.

Daniel Cartwright, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Don’t underestimate yourself

Don’t underestimate or undersell yourself.

Claudia Kozeny-Pelling, Bilingual SEO Content Writer

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