Why right now is the best moment in history to launch your freelance career 

Things may seem pretty bleak at the moment – but let me tell you something.

There has never been a better moment in history to live your freelance dreams.

Sometimes it’s easy to live life in our comfort zones. 

If you’ve got – or had – a steady job, you probably know what it feels like to slip into cruise control without even realising it, and just let life happen to you.

The arrival of Covid-19 has given all of us a shake.

Maybe it’s made you look at things a little differently and realise that life isn’t as certain as it once was. Maybe it’s left you questioning what you were taking for granted, and where you are in the grand scheme of things.

If you’ve always had the nagging dream of working for yourself, and enjoying the freedom and flexibility that being your own boss brings with it, the time to act is now.

The clock really is ticking… 

Let me explain why time is of the essence:

1. The future is freelance

Things were already shifting but countless forecasts now expect the workplace to dramatically shift over the next few years. 

In this new normal, businesses large and small will need to be more flexible and agile than ever before to survive. They will need the ability to grow and contract in response to projects, demands and workloads. 

Many business leaders are currently discussing job cuts and cost savings as you read this.

This type of thinking inevitably leads to an increased demand for freelancers. 

Why? Because the work still needs doing. 

More streamlined businesses will shift to using trusted freelancers to cover work formerly covered by employees. 

Fiverr recently found that 58 per cent of 1,000 SMEs questioned in the UK are already working with freelancers more than they were before the pandemic hit. 

This is only going to grow over the coming months and years.

2. You Need to beat the rush

Here in the UK it’s a sad, horrible fact that many thousands of jobs are currently on life-support.

When the government’s unprecedented furlough scheme runs out, jobs will be lost.

Most experts worth their salt are also expecting there to be further waves of Covid-19. They’re also warning us of outbreaks and disruption for many months to come (not to mention the dangers posed by other viruses in the future).

As more and more people find themselves unemployed, more and more people will give freelancing a go.

If you’re thinking of becoming freelance, you should to act now to beat the rush and establish yourself as a trusted and reliable option. 

Chances are – with 83% of CEOs making cost savings and efficiency a key target – you will face increased competition in the future.

3. Brexit is also coming

Oh and just in case you’d forgotten, we also have Brexit to think about! 

Whether you were in or out, it’s happening, and now is the time to act. 

Even without the pandemic Brexit was creating uncertainty for businesses.

One of the main benefits of freelancing is it allows you to spread your risk. You can have multiple income streams, and you will have multiple clients. This means you’re less reliant on any one thing.

Hopefully Brexit will go well, but setting up a Plan B is a sensible option considering the many economic warnings.

4. Work from anywhere

When I drop into Zoom calls my clients, I’m am always met with “Where are you this time”. 

Freelancing has given me an incredible freedom to travel, and I’ve taken full advantage of it, without losing out on any work.

The employed world has also been forced to adapt to this way of working somewhat over recent months, so you’ll find clients understand your setup far better than they used to even a few years ago.

5. You can do it

Freelancing is cheaper, and more accessible than ever before. 

All you need is a bit of skill, a willingness to market yourself properly, and a desire to create great work.

The pandemic has helped to educate the business world that remote working has many benefits. You can also find dedicated, like-minded communities to keep you on track, give you valuable advice and simply provide a bit of friendship

There are plenty of tools and techniques you can succeed with ease, and set things onto autopilot.

You don’t have to be extremely technical, or a business mastermind. Thousands of others are doing it right now.

You can too.

What next?

As with any crisis, there is opportunity waiting. No matter how much many of us wish we could, we are not going to be going back to the way things were before.

The warnings are loud, clear and unambiguous – the UK’s Chancellor has described the coming financial blow as “Severe recession the like of which we’ve never seen.”


But you do have a choice.

Imagine if you’d known what was coming last year. What would you have done differently?

I know I would have invested in Zoom for starters…

Right now, is a similar moment for you.

Think about it, and you probably know deep down that not taking any action is likely to be a dangerous, risky move – unless you’re in an incredibly stable job that you really love and value.

Don’t let yourself be another victim.

60% of CFOs surveyed are already saying that stable, long-term employment is a thing of the past.

Take control of your own destiny and start building yourself a Plan B today.

The ship may be going down, but freelancing can be your lifeboat – a way to save yourself and those around you.

Still not sure? You can also dip your toes in to try it with minimal risk.

You don’t have to storm in and quit your job, and you don’t have to spend much to see success.

If you are still employed, now is the time to build the foundations – you can keep working while you set everything up – just a few hours each evening or morning is enough.

If you don’t have a job – great! You can throw yourself in and get things up and running in a week or two.

So good luck! We are all in this strange and scary time together.

But good things can come out of this crisis. So don’t be afraid to live your dream, and take control of your life to earn more, enjoy more free time, and live the freelance life you’ve always dreamt of.

If you want to know a more about getting started, and why there has never been a better time in history to start freelancing. you can sign up for my Freelancer Kickstart Masterclass.

I’ll be running you though a tried and tested process, to help you get started fast – setting up a business that can future-proof your income and grow at the pace you want.

We’ll be covering everything from choosing your service, to generating new leads and growing to a strategy.

There are only 12 spots available and they’re likely to fill up fast – so don’t hang around!

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