Right now is perhaps the best time in history to go freelance.

Don't believe me? - The technology is better than ever before - Self employment grows during financial shocks - Demand is set to soar over the next few years

Experts expect a massive increase in the numbers of people working freelance in 'the new normal'

By getting there  first, you can get established, and get ahead of the game.

1. Decide how you want to be set up

There are a few different options - for most new freelancers I recommend becoming a sole trader. This is quick, easy and free to set up.

2. Choose your name

Think about the name you want to use, and how you will present yourself to the world. Using your own name can give the personal touch as a freelancer.

3. Tell HMRC

Head to HMRC's website and let them know that you want to sign up to submit a self assesment form each year. This is pretty easy to do, and won't take you long.

4. Get Going!

It's time to get started - there are a few other steps that I would recommend - you can find more info in this free checklist:

Good luck!

Congratulations for taking the first steps and good luck with your freelancing adventure!

Alistair Webster