The Not-So-Secret Ingredient For Freelance Success In 2023

There’s no shortage of advice for freelancers floating around on the internet and YouTube. But, when it all boils down to it, setting yourself up for freelance success in the future can be remarkably simple – you just need to have this one ingredient.

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  1. The key ingredient for freelance success in 2023
  2. This is the kind of specific knowledge that Naval promotes
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The key ingredient for freelance success in 2023

This quote from Naval sums it up well:

“Arm yourself with specific knowledge, accountability, and leverage.”

Naval Ravikant

In the next year, it’s likely that most of us freelancers will be working with our clients in exactly the same way that we are now, because we’re all still waking up to the reality of the high-speed internet world we’re living in.

We have the capability to move currencies and ideas around freely in a way that was almost unthinkable a couple of decades ago.

One example of huge changes that could revolutionise how we work however is the recent hype around NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which I talked about in this article.

It’s very easy to zone out and let confusing developments like these go over your head.

But this is actually the kind of area where you can look for a competitive advantage to help you become more valuable and agile in the future.

This is the kind of specific knowledge that Naval promotes

If you spend a day researching this new technology, and getting your head around its ideas and implications of it, you’re going to know more than 98% of the general population.

You’re immediately starting to build up your status as an expert, and pushing up your value. An expert doesn’t have to know everything about a topic, just more than the average person.

For example, say you’re a digital artist. You also understand the demand for digital art that is being caused by the NFT hype. In that case, you’re going to be in much greater demand than one who is switched off to that area because it’s too confusing at first glance.

The first wave of weird NFT monkeys and trading cards may genuinely be overhyped and pointless. But the technology behind it is almost certainly not. In the previous article, I talked about the idea of smart contracts for freelancers and the potential they have, for example.

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Expanding your knowledge and building your specific knowledge can be a really powerful way of increasing your value to clients, and ultimately making it easier to charge more for what you do and the expertise you offer.

So, are you ready for freelance success in 2023?

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